The Mission

Welcome to the Blinkster Jeepster’s online blog and website.

Here you will find media content related to the Ghost 1 Jeep build (2003 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon), that Steve Baskis and friends are building. Please visit the contact page to write us a note, we sure love to hear from viewers like you…

The Mission:

Hi, my name is Steve, a.k.a. Blinkster, and this is my blog. I hope you are a Jeep fan like me and will find some inspiration in the content I post. Everyone needs a little back story to understand the greater picture, so here goes…

Back in May of 2008 I was serving in The United States Army on the ground in Baghdad, Iraq. Unfortunately, my team and I had a bad day to say the least and I kind of got blown up. Some of you are going to have to forgive me and my dark humor, “no pun intended”, but sometimes you have to shake off the negative stuff and march on. On that bad day I lost more than my sight, our team lost a great Sergeant and human being. The experience has shaped my life and I don’t have enough digital blank space to explain the adventures I’ve had over the past so many years. Let’s just say I am trying to live life to the fullest and I have a lot of friends guiding me to that next big summit on the distant horizon.

Adventure and Exploration, two fine words I must say, and they have a lot to do with what I am doing with this 2003 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Blindness or this disability I live with has taught me to explore out ways to accomplish those dreams we all have. The Jeep I purchased in April of 2016, has a lot to do with past and future dreams. Well, my dream is to build a Jeep that can tread and go anywhere. A Jeep that symbolizes Service members physical strength and courage to never give up in those darkest hours. Can you understand what I am dreaming about? A Jeep that allows me, a disabled veteran the opportunity to re-live life and blaze a new path forward.

My hope is to document the build as much as possible and write about the learning process. Has this ever been done? I don’t know and whether or not the Blinkster is going to see it through. Please be part of this journey by subscribing to the social media pages and by spreading the word.

Very Respectfully,

SPC Steven C. Baskis

United States Army (Med. Ret.)

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